13 April 2006

My Wonderful Garden

I've never been one to profess enjoyment at gardening, and even though we've moved to a new home I still don't have the urge to take the task in hand. Hence I've spoiled myself a bit and taken on a gardener. Actually if the truth be know my garden is beautiful and awash with plants and if I attacked it with the venom only a novice knows, no doubt its beauty will become somewhat diminished. Hence the employment of a local gardener. See not only am I avoiding a task which for me would bring no pleasure, I'm helping keep my local economy going by employing someone!

However, although gardening is not for me, (I do have to admit the previous owner of this house/garden had a superb eye for the subject and the planting around is wonderful) I can appreciate it! It is fantastic and I often find my eye being drawn outside. I'm kind of lucky as we have huge windows at the rear of the property (only kind of... cause someone has to clean em!) and these offer fantastic views of the garden. I so can't wait for the warmer climes (if Britain can ever be perceived as offering such things) when I will be able to sit outside lapping up the garden in full, perhaps lounging in a chair with a glass of wine or two... Now that sounds good.


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