22 May 2006

I'm officially old now!

I've not been up to much over the past week or so, purely because I've been wallowing around at home. And if any of you associate my wallowing with that of pigs in mud, I'm just not gonna speak to ya okay!

Work's been nonexistant again, which meant everyone has been given extra days off. So for the past couple of weeks I've only been into work twice. Great if only others were around on my days off etc. Sigh.

Anyway onto the age issue. Apparently as I have now joined... wait for it...

this directs I am old, as the whole ethos of the National Trust is to ensure our heritage etc is protected. Yeah right, me old... I don't think so, I joined to ensure cheaper days out! Oh and to soak in the history of our country, visit gardens (me visit gardens!) OMG.. life sure is slowing, hey maybe I am gettin old. Plus there's always the likelihood of a cream tea for after the viewing! Yum yum, I so love cream teas, maybe I should go on a cream tea taste tour of the UK, I'm sure I could handle it.. Now where would I get a sponser for that? So far my favourite place for a cream tea not far from me is Shere, Surrey, the scones there are to die for but I digress.

We ended up visiting Petworth House (not the full tour as we were going to a craft fair in the grounds), which abuts the town of Petworth and which, houses the National Trust's finest art collection. Petworth Park, with its breathtaking views, wandering deer, lakes and ancient trees, was designed by Capability Brown and is open to the public every day.

It was beautiful, the Rhodedendroms in bloom, and the scent coming from some other nameless plants was heady and refreshing, and for once hay fever did not mar the experience. Joy!

Now that I'm a member of the NT it's my intention to try and visit as many places as possible, well I've got to get my monies worth now haven't I?


At 11:15 PM, Blogger Mocha said...


I'm putting on my superheroine costume, flying over there, and taking you out for a pint or two. (three? how much can you drink?)

Then, screw the work & being bored. You'll be drunk. With me.

At 9:06 AM, Blogger Moley123 said...

Oh thank you, thank you, thank you. Come rescue me... wonder what you'll look like in spandex? Also wondering how the image will go down in the local pub...

As for my alcohol quantities... I see my self as having the capabilities of a camel... quaffing lots!


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